Thai woman’s nostrils infested by hundreds of maggots

Photo courtesy of Nakornping Hospital Facebook page via shethepeople

A Thai woman got more than she bargained for during a routine nasal examination when doctors unearthed a horrifying secret lurking inside her nose.

A 59 year old Thai woman received a chilling diagnosis during what she thought was a routine visit to address her stuffy nose. Doctors at Nakornping Hospital, nestled in Thailand’s Chiang Mai Province, made a startling discovery, finding hundreds of maggots breeding inside her nostrils.

The hospital officials took to Facebook to share the harrowing ordeal, which could have led to dire consequences if left untreated.

The unnamed patient’s ordeal began innocently enough, with symptoms of a blocked nose and facial pain lingering for over a week. Initially attributing it to a dust allergy, she dismissed the discomfort until a nosebleed revealed a horrifying sight: dozens of tiny insects crawling out of her nostrils. In a panic, she raced to the hospital.

Dr Pateemon Thanachaikhan conducted a thorough examination, utilising X-rays and an endoscope, only to uncover the stomach-churning reality within her nasal passages. The sheer volume of maggots posed a grave threat, with the potential to inflict severe harm to her eyes, and brain, or even lead to fatal consequences if not promptly addressed, reported She The People.

Fortunately, after undergoing surgery to remove the repulsive invaders, the woman’s condition is reported to have improved significantly.

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