Popular snack vendor finds 100,000 baht stolen from Chiang Mai home

Photo courtesy of Sanook

A popular snack vendor known for her revealing outfit, returned to her Chiang Mai home yesterday, November 30 to find nearly 100,000 baht had been stolen from her safe.

The 27 year old vendor, Aranya Abhaiso, also known as Olive Tokyo No Bra, suspects the culprit to be someone close to her and is preparing to file a police report.

After spending three months in Bangkok, Aranya returned home yesterday to her two-storey townhouse in the Santitham area of Chiang Mai. She was shocked to find signs of forced entry at her bedroom door upstairs.

Inside, she discovered her safe, which contained approximately 100,000 baht intended for use in her crispy Tokyo butter biscuit business in Chiang Mai, left open. Almost all the cash was missing, leaving only one 100 baht note, one 20 baht note, and some coins.

Initially, the suspect is believed to be someone close to her, as there was only one set of keys to the house, and no signs of tampering were found, except at the bedroom door on the second floor. The same was true for the safe, which also had only one key that she kept with herself in Bangkok all the time, reported Sanook.

Aranya expressed deep regret if the person responsible for this incident was someone close to her, as she has experienced similar incidents several times before, losing nearly all her hard-earned savings. Despite giving multiple chances, the same event has occurred, and she is determined to pursue the case to the fullest extent of the law this time.

In related news, a 20 year old man was apprehended in Chiang Mai for stealing from a charity donation box at Jettiyanusorn temple, also known as Ban Yang Phra That temple, in Doi Saket. The suspect reportedly fled on a bicycle after the theft, which took place on November 8. Read more about this story HERE.

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