Murdered teen’s body found in reservoir in Chiang Mai

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A 15 year old boy was savagely beaten and murdered by a group of five teenagers, who then concealed his body by throwing it into a reservoir in Chiang Mai.

The assailants, aged between 15 and 17, admitted to the crime, citing a dislike for the victim’s character as the motive.

Law enforcement officials apprehended five youths responsible for the brutal murder of a teenage boy in Mae Chaem, Chiang Mai. The victim, known only as A, was discovered yesterday in a water drainage pipe at the San Nong reservoir, following a search that began after he went missing on Tuesday night. Initially believed to have drowned while fleeing from an altercation, the subsequent investigation revealed a more sinister cause of death.

An autopsy conducted by the local police and a hospital medical examiner found that the boy had sustained severe head injuries inflicted by a blunt object. This evidence, alongside witness statements, led to the conclusion that the boy’s death was a case of murder rather than an accident. The young victim’s body had been intentionally concealed in the water to cover up the crime.

The investigative team from the Mae Chaem Police Station swiftly traced and detained all five suspects involved in the attack. During interrogation, the teenagers, whose ages range from 15 to 17, confessed to the crime. They expressed animosity towards the deceased, alleging that he had a disagreeable personality and had been a school dropout, which might have fueled their contempt.

According to the suspects’ confessions, the group confronted the victim, which led to the boy fleeing in panic. The chase ended with the victim being caught and viciously attacked, and his body was carried and discarded into the water, reported KhaoSod.

The police have since conducted a reenactment with the accused at the crime scene.

In related news, two suspects were apprehended in connection with the fatal shooting of a village headman who was killed outside his home in Surat Thani province.

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