Chinese New Year celebrations across Thailand: Golden dragons, vibrant attire, and mouthwatering feasts

Photo courtesy of Pattaya Mail

Chiang Mai has been transformed into a mesmerising spectacle as lion and golden dragon dance troupes from Bangkok took to the streets for the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Store owners eagerly invited them inside, hoping to bask in the good luck and prosperity they brought. Meanwhile, at the iconic Tha Phae Gate, Chinese tourists swarmed, dressed in Thai traditional attire, as they posed against the backdrop of the ancient city wall, a sight that truly defined Chiang Mai.

In the northeastern province of Nakhon Ratchasima, Thai-Chinese locals embraced the festivities with vibrant red outfits and an array of auspicious foods and offerings. They flocked to the Thao Suranaree Monument and Khun Yai Mo, the great heroine of the region, paying homage to their ancestors and strengthening the bonds within their community. Notably, the local authorities took a stand against air pollution by banning incense burning at the monument, a move that was well received by the understanding visitors.

Down south in Trang, the Chinese New Year spirit permeated the air, infusing the municipality with an electrifying energy. Families and relatives of Thai-Chinese descent flocked to the century-old Tham Kong Yia shrine, dressed in vibrant red attire.

With hearts full of reverence, they offered a delectable array of roasted pork, boiled ducks, and stewed pork belly to the Chinese Gods, alongside auspicious fruits and an assortment of sweets. Believing that their offerings would bring them good health and prosperity, these worshippers left no stone unturned, reported Pattaya Mail.

The celebrations in Trang also witnessed a surge in demand for the renowned Trang-style roasted pork. With pork prices soaring due to the Covid-ASF situation, this tantalising dish became an absolute must-have during the Chinese New Year season.

In a heartwarming gesture, merchants decided to maintain their prices, extending a helping hand to consumers during these challenging times. It’s estimated that over 500 to 600 pigs were consumed, highlighting the unwavering love for this delicacy.

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