Bugged out: Chiang Mai traveller’s rose petal bath hit by insect invasion

Photo courtesy of Sanook

A traveller’s recent trip to Chiang Mai took an unexpected turn when a planned relaxing bath turned into an encounter with a swarm of insects.

The traveller chose a picturesque accommodation with a bathtub on the balcony, offering stunning mountain views during the day. However, as night fell, the situation drastically changed.

Dhiwa Bhochawatt’s post on Facebook detailed the surprising event, highlighting how the serene bath became a scene filled with termite wings.

“I planned to soak in a rose petal bath, but it turned into a bath bomb of termite wings. It’s like karma came in this form.”

Photos accompanying the post showed the bathtub filled with termite wings, and in some cases, entire insects. The sheer number of termites was so overwhelming that the water’s surface was entirely covered. Even after draining the water, a significant amount of insect debris remained.

Speaking to a local news team, Dhiwa explained that the choice to stay close to nature led to this encounter. The incident occurred during the rainy season, a natural phenomenon and not the fault of the accommodation. Dhiwa emphasised that such events are to be expected when staying in such natural settings.

The post quickly went viral, garnering numerous likes and comments. Many netizens found the situation both amusing and relatable. Some commented on the need to avoid eating certain dishes during the rainy season, humorously noting that no one would be around to handle the termite problem, reported Sanook.

Others suggested that the insects could be fried with salt, adding a culinary twist to the situation.

In related news, in a scene more fitting for a horror movie, a bizarre tale of supposed black magic and swarms of insects allegedly emerging from a man’s skin gripped the local community in Udon Thani. The afflicted individual, 43 year old Ad claimed that for over two months, he has been tormented by insects crawling out of his skin, a condition he believes is caused by a curse rather than a medical issue.

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